Save the Boobies - Protect the Chest
I started walking in the 3-day 60 mile Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk in 2005, for a challenge of something to do. When I signed up I signed up by myself, half way into my training. A friend of mind asked if I was walking with a mutual friend. At that point I wasn't but gave her a call, and then we both had walking partners. We did 2005 & 2006 together, 2007 I was alone again, but 2008 we grew to a team of 4. 2009 our team of 4 when to Cleveland and teamed up with friends we met in 2005 & 2008, there was about ten of us all together, I had a blast. 2010 we ended up with 12 local ladies on the team. It was a special year for me my oldest daughter joined the team and we had 8 new walkers. They must have liked the experience, they’re all coming back. So at this point it's not just for the challenge. I feel like I’m doing my part to help get rid of this nasty disease. Breast Cancer affects 1 out of 8 women. I have walked many miles with survivors’ male and female, young and old, people who walk for their best friends cause they can't because of their last chemo made them sick. Walked beside husbands, father, sons, brother, uncles, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, and best friends that walk in Loving memory of their Loved ones. There are some that walk in support of their Loved ones. Judi Long

Save the Boobies - Protect the Chest

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