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Medium Roast
Medium Roast
Psychedelic Machine Gunner Roast
12 OZ. BAG

*Only available in Whole Bean

Psychedelic Cyclops Machine Gunner - Run fuzzy bunny run! Roars the cyclops as he goes cyclic without concern of ammo supply and hot barrels, he was a mild mannered one eyed dude before the nutty aroma filled the air and he got his first sip.

The notes of milk chocolate, citrus and apple changed something inside turning this cyclops into something way more groovy. This Medium roast arabica hails from Guatemala and is best enjoyed whenever you need to get a little far out.

Coffee Type: Arabica
Coffee Origin: Guatemala
Roast Scale: Medium
Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Citrus & Apple
Preferred Brew Method: Pour Over
Preferred Brew Equipment: Patio Pour Over, Aeropress & Chemex
Aroma: Nutty

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